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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Thanksgiving 2011

Okay so this first pic isn't from Thanksgiving but it is from Crew's final football game. He started out playing in the smart start level where they just work on the basic skills of the game.  He was a little more advanced than most of the kids so he was moved up to play with the kindergartners. Things were a little confusing at first since he hadn't played in an actual game and he just got thrown into a league where they spent most of the time playing. He caught on quickly and even scored a touchdown (even if he was going in the wrong direction) and loved to be able to pull the other guys flags. He was so excited to get his first trophy  He took it with him everywhere the next few days and showed it to anyone who would come over.  We are so proud of him and his dad definitely had a proud dad moment when they moved him up with the older kids.

 Okay.... enough of that now on to Thanksgiving...

Here is Crew after preschool with his Pilgrim hat and turkey he made in class

We spent Thanksgiving with my family (the Eldredge side). We got to stay for almost a week and loved every minute of it!
We played front yard volleyball, met my little sisters boyfriends, played games, played in the turkey bowl, lost miserably at minute to win date night, went shopping all night, went and played at Trafalga, played in the leaves with cousins. All that fun stuff and these were the only pictures we managed to get.

This last pic is not from thanksgiving but Crew wanted it on here. I found these sweet boots at D.I. for 3 buckaroni's. I love that place!