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Sunday, November 20, 2011

picture update overload!

 Crew sporting his sweet goggles!
 Goggles and cowboys jersey
 Fell asleep eating dinner
 First day of pre-school!
 At Kelsee's birthday Luau
 Mom and Crew at the rodeo
 Crew and Dad at the Rodeo
 Dad and Crew at Winger's
 Crew fell asleep eating dinner AGAIN!
 Aunt Emily, Crew and Greyson at lunch
 BYU FOOTBALL! Rise and Shout!
 At Dad's school's football game
 riding the rail!
 YUM making cookies
 fireworks (celebrating some pioneer trek thing. )
 Crew playing dress-ups. My little pumpkin
 Getting some ice cream
 Playing flag football

 Grandma Eldredge cheering crew on!
 Painting his pumpkin ( it was a Frankenstein)
 Super Crew
 Super Crew in his Halloween costume
 Fonnesbeck Family Halloween Party. Aunt Mindy always does a great job putting it on.
 pumpkin bowling, those t.p. rolls had cute ghost faces.
 Decorating Haunted houses
 little kids table
 Cousins Elyse and Brynlee
 Cousins Kayden and Ben
 Cousins J.C. and Brecken
 Cousins Paige and Mason and Kolby in the highchair
 Uncle Travis rockin' and awesome head of hair!
Grandma Fonnesbeck and newest addition Baby Kate! check out her hair!

Sunday, September 25, 2011


We have been approved for adoption and we couldn't be more excited! You can see our profile on you can look us up by clicking on view adopting families then continue on the guest page. you can then select find by id or names then type in our names and state. If you know or hear of anyone who is considering placing their child for adoption please let them know about us and give them the info to find our profile. They don't have to be with LDS family services (or even LDS for that matter) we can always make it work out with our case worker if they would like to place with us. We cant wait to see where this adventure takes us and are so excited for Crew to finally have a sibling. 

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Water Fight...

Crew was invited over to the neighbors for a water balloon fight. He had a blast playing with his friends. These are a few pics she took of the day.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Love this...

So sweet! this had me crying for sure.
I can hardly wait to have this same feeling!

I saw this video on this blog.
check it out and read more about their story and how they really got to adopt their beautiful baby girl.

Friday, July 22, 2011


Here we go... so after nearly 3 years of trying, medication, surgery, artificial insemination, ect. ect. ect. we have decided to put all our focus on adoption. We are SO excited. we are just in the beginning stages and it will still be about 3 months before we are totally approved and our profile will be able to be viewed by birth mothers.

We are going through LDS family services so if you know of anyone who is thinking of placing their baby up for adoption please let them know about us, we will love you forever! Once we get approved we will have a link on the side of our blog  to go straight to our profile. We can hardly wait to be able to grow our family and give Crew the blessing of a sibling and all that comes with that.

serious slacking going on around here....

okay ...I am so far behind I could never catch up so this picture overview will have to do. These are in no particular order. hopefully I can narrate some of the pictures.

 March 17th Crew turned 4 years old! we had a Despicable Me party. My Mom, Dad and brother Ben came down for Crews b-day and for Ben's baseball tournament. My mom made the cutest pin the eyeball on the minion game but of course we didnt get a pitcure of the kids playing it.
 Blowing out his candle
 The cake my mom and i made.
 trying sushi for the first time. he sorta likes it. he does love miso soup though.
 April easter egg hunt in town, mass chaos and over in about 12 seconds.
 with daddy
 all his boy cousins that live here in STG.
 We went to the Art Festival later that day, Crew wasn't to fond of it except for the kids area. He was nervous to get his face painted at first so we made a few crafts then walked around and looked at all the art, got a snowcone and on the way back to the car He decided to get his face painted. he wouldnt tell the girl what he wanted and wouldnt even look her in the eye. After though he thought it was the coolest thing ever.
 the baseball he finally decided on.
 easter egg hunt even later that day at The Fonnesbecks. Where the kids got more candy than they did at Halloween. it was kind of ridiculous

 showin off our bunny teeth
 haha these things are pretty hilarious
 Easter morning {please ignore is mismatched jammies it was laundry day.}
 crew and dad next to crews basket
 making eggs

the final product and a super handsome boy.
  We went to Vegas in March. We stayed at The Stratoshpere, went to The M&M factory, Bellagio Gardens, took crew down the Strip to see the lights (while trying to keep his eyes from the nasty billboards and advertising) shopping and dinner just a relaxing overnighter as a family.
 Falling asleep at the table, he has gone on strike when it comes to taking naps lately so by dinner time he is usually exhausted.
Crew played Smart Start Soccer, He really seemed to enjoy it and is getting pretty good at his soccer skills.
 Riding his first school bus with his cousins to get to the Kite Festival.
 more of the kite festival

 proof that Cody was there with us. we had a blast, this will  have to be something we go to every year for sure.
 riding on the "train" at the festival
 Crew in his soccer graduate shirt and before pic of his hair before we cut it all off.
 getting his hair cut.
May 4th : Waiting in the E.R. for his very first( and most likely not last) set of stitches. We were at town square where there is a little river for the kids to play and splash around. He tripped and went face first into a large rock. He took a nice chunk out of his bottom lip that required 3 stitches. he was so good for the doc and didn't even flinch when he gave him the shot in his lip to numb it.
 Crashed after getting home from the E.R.
 We spent a few hours watching the Iron Man here in town. We were right there at the finish line when the first place guy crossed the finish line. of course we forgot to take pics of him coming in, but i did get one of the second guy. i will have to get it off my phone and put it up later.
 got a sweet fireman's hat. gotta love the dollar store.
 our ward did an adults "minute to win it" night . it was so fun! not to many pics but i will have to put up the video of Rachelle and I doing the ping pong tissue box game. She got it in like 4 sec. I'm pretty sure her box was rigged!
We went and walked along the river by our house. This is where the trail fell into the water during the flood this winter.  Okay that is all for now I will try to put some Christmas up soon (yes I know it is july... don't judge). We put all our pictures on an external hard drive before I got around to posting them. So I will try but I promise nothing!