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Sunday, April 26, 2009

11 inches

This was my pony tail {i plan on donating it to Locks of Love}:

Here is a "before" picture {it was a little longer than this since in the pic it is curly}

and here is an after {it is a little sad after being in the wind and a little rain but you get the idea}

So...what do you think...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

One step closer to being a BIG BOY!

We are officially Binky free at the Fonnesbeck house! We have been putting off taking it away because he was so attached to it and I wanted to make sure he understood what was going on so it wouldn't be so tragic. We took it away Easter Sunday when the Easter bunny brought Crew a New Friend: Moose. I started telling him the Friday before that his Binky was starting to break and when it did we would have to put it in the Garbage. So on Sunday after his nap before we went to our Family Easter dinner I cut the end off his Binky. I showed it to him and said, "look buddy it is broken." He looked it over tried sucking on it, and said, "ah, broken." I told him since it was broken it needed to be put in the garbage. He took it and threw it out. The rest of the day he kept saying "ah, Binky broken, garbage." We just kept saying "yep broken" he slept just fine that night with little fuss and his nap the next day at grandpa's was no problem. Monday night however was not fun we were up most of the night, but things have gotten much better since then. He has missed a nap or two but not much waking up at night. I have been waiting to post this because I didn't want to jinx myself.

Next step: potty training and a big boy bed. but i figure as long as he isn't climbing out of his crib or we don't need it he can stay behind bars.

We are so proud of our "almost" big boy!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Happy Birthday!!!!!!

Just a shout out to... My best friend Stephanie who had a birthday on the 2nd of April and married Justin Losee on March 13th.

Also to my sister-in-law Emily who celebrated her day of birth on the 2nd on April.

My Dad and nephew Mason who also share a birthday today the 7th. Hope you all had memorable ones!

{Mason is the older one in the glasses, sorry i don't have a picture of just you Moose}