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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Zimbabwe Service Project

If you are looking for a service project here is one for you check it out and get on it fast they are shipping the supplies Nov. 7th click here. to get the link to there blog for information you can either leave a comment on my blog and i will get the info to you on where to send it, or you can comment on their blog to get info.

This is my cousin and his wife, They are in Lehi/ Highland Ut area, Thanks for checking it out.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


At the Car Show, Crew was in Heaven!
Playing dress up in his costume from last Halloween
(not long after this he took the body part off and put on his spiderman costume with his donald head and my high heels, wish i had a picture.)

At the BYU Game at UNLV we had a great time!

If you couldn't tell Crew loves cars of any kind he loved this yellow "race car"

He also love the "rocket ship place" {the mall} He love any and all mall rides kind of gross but if it keeps him happy for the rest of the time at the mall {bribery never hurt anyone, right?}

Crew at Fiesta Fun after his hole-in-one