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Thursday, November 12, 2009

i went pee-pee on the potty...

It is official our little Crew is now a BIG BOY! He is doing a pretty good job with it he has only had one pee accident in his underwear, we are still working on going #2 in the potty but he will get there. He gets so excited every time he goes potty! we do the potty dance, and sing "went pee-pee in the potty!" and he gets to put money in his piggy bank. How cute is he?! 

{now if only they made the undies a little smaller like just a 2T not a 2-3T}
they sag a little bit and we have to roll the waist band over. He loves his Lighting McQueen and Buzz Lightyear ones. 

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Halloween {just a little late}

Little Fairy Princess Elyse taking a little nap before the party got started!
Look at those cute lips

Listening to the rules to the Candy game

Making the traditional Haunted Houses
Aunt Mindy and Grandma did a great job with the party this year. Mindy made spooky snacks like mummy dogs, bones and blood, and cheese fingers. They played games and decorated our haunted houses.
Then on Halloween night we went to the Washington City Trunk-or-treat,with our best buddies the Mortensen's, which was a complete bummer {not the Morty's the trunk-or-treat}. I could not believe the amount of moochers that showed up... So the point of  a trunk-or-treat is, you had out candy from your trunk and then you go to the other trunks and get candy right, well we got there about 10 min before it was supposed to start and there were only about 3 other cars that were set up to give out candy. We got all set up and people started showing up, not to give out candy but to get candy. ARE YOU KIDDING ME, only 5 cars actually showed up to give candy and about 2000 people showed up expecting candy, then they had the gall to get mad at us when we said we were out of candy. We were so bugged so we packed the kids up in the cars and headed out to find a neighborhood to go door to door in.

Me and Spiderman

Cody and Spiderman

Crew and his Girls
{Maycee and Kelsee}

Crew wearing Dad's costume
{Cody and Clint wore these while handing out candy i wish i had a picture of them I bet Amy does, Yes?}