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Friday, May 7, 2010

little signs

So some of you may know that we have been trying for our 2nd Child for quite a while now. We have been seeing the doctor every 6 weeks or so since November, once we hit our year mark of trying. Mostly just to keep tabs on my cycles and see if the medication is working. I have had lots of talks with my mom who knows exactly  what I am going through and she has helped me gain a good perspective on this trial that we are facing.
I was sitting in the waiting room today to see the doctor for my check-up and I was playing a game on phone, at the bottom of the screen it has ads scrolling across the bottom. The ad that was displayed at the bottom of my screen said..."God loves you, and has a plan for you." It never changed, it stayed at the bottom the entire time I waited, and we all know how long you have to wait for a doctor. Anyway I have always known that there is a plan laid out, not only me but for my future children and our family. But it gave me a great peace to just see that little quote in the most unusual of places.