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Friday, January 30, 2009

Oh how we love thee Dixie Direct!

So this year we decided to get the Dixie Direct card, a coupon card good at numerous shopping, dinning, entertainment and sporting establishments. We got a good deal from a friend of a friend and paid only 25 dollars, regularly they are 35 dollars. Lets just say we have already gotten our moneys(monies,how would you say that?)worth. Tonight we went out to dinner to a pizza place called 2 Fat Guys pizza. We got a large one topping pizza, 2 bread sticks, and one large drink all for the grand total of ...DRUM ROLL PLEASE...$3.70! Just call me betty save a buck. The coupon was good for one large pizza! Life doesn't get any better than that! Oh the places we will be eating for half the price, we love you Dixie Direct. If you don't have one and live here in southern Utah I highly recommend picking one of these little gems up!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam...Teacher that is.

So Cody and I were called as Sunbeam teachers back in December, but they didn't need us until January. But because we were up north with my family for the first Sunday of the year and the next week we had stake conference, today was our first week teaching. We had a few criers, one that wouldn't sit in his seat and hit the other kids, one that actually fell through the back of his chair and luckily a couple that actually sat there with their arms folded through the lesson and answered questions. I was amazed by those two.

Then we looked and the clock after I was finished with the lesson and still had 30 minutes to kill...AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH! With only a small piece of paper that they were to write CTR on I was a little worried about how we would fill all that time but with Crayons and a few blank pieces of paper we survived.

Next Week it is Cody's turn to teach hahaha good luck babe! Just kidding He will be great. I think that once the kids get use to us and we figure out some things to hold their attention we will really enjoy our class, and to be honest by the sounds of it we had the calm and quiet class. It sounded like they were playing a game of tackle football in the other sunbeam class.

We also had church at 9:00 and it was wonderful! Crew was as happy as a clam, having had breakfast and wouldn't be in need of a nap until we got home. We got home and all had lunch and a wonderful nap I love 9:00 church!