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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Mickelle!

Here is our mostly futile attempt at getting JC and Crew to wish Aunt Mickelle a Happy Birthday, but at least we managed to capture their everyday behavior on video. JC picks his nose most of the time in situations such as these and Crew....well Crew likes to repeat what he hears while continuing to play as hard as he can.

Happy Birthday Mickelle!

(This post was created by Brady and Cody)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Crew is the Luckiest boy

The reason for the title has 2 things. 1. He was born on St. Patricks Day 2. He got to have 2 birthday parties this year!!!! Lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This past weekend we were up North for Steph's wedding and had a great time. While we were there we had a party for Crew with Annie's family. It went great. Since Crew is OBSESSED with Lighting McQueen Annie made him a Lighting McQueen birthday cake. The party was great and Crew loved the cake and all of his presents. We also had a party for him in St. George at the park in our neighborhood. Family and friends came and it was a blast. He loved all the presents and is having fun with all of them. We all had fun and I can't believe the Crewster is already 2 years old!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

just pictures

Just a Few Pictures from the last week... it was beautiful here in st. George and Crew and I went to the park with my sis and her kids while they were in town. i didn;t manage to get any pictures of her kidos though.

Also i wanted to give a shout out to my littlest Brother Ben and his city basketball team! They took second place. It was agreat game and i am glad i was able to see him play!