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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

4 Months Holy Cow!

Yesterday I was putting Crew in the car in the parking lot of Robert's Craft ( yes mom I even went there of my own free will) and the woman parked next to us asked how old Crew was. I stopped to think about it then said well he is actually 20 months today!(My mom's birthday to Happy Birthday to you) After getting in the car I was thinking no way he is 20 months that means only 4 months 'til he turns 2! After doing the math in my head a few times, it is true HOLY COW I can't believe it! He is getting to big! He is starting to repeat things Cody or I say, and sort of remembers to say "please" and "thanks" .
The other day while driving there was a near accident right in front of us and I said "holy cow" and then I hear a little "hoooee cow" coming from the back seat. So cute. We love you Crew thanks for the best 20 months of our lives!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

oh no!

so i was fixing a post and this little orange box popped up and said something about html and stuff i clicked it and shouldn't have now all my side gadgets are way at the bottom of my post. does anyone know how to fix this? My layout still looks like normal so i don't know what i did.

HALLOWEEN 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well Halloween 2008 was a great success!!! We all had a good time. It's times like these that make me glad that we moved back to St. George. We started off this last week with a Halloween party at my parents house with my siblings and their kids. It was a hit!!! All the kids loved it, especially all the games and decorating they got to do. Some of the pictures are from the party

Then last night on Halloween we took the Crewster, whose costume this year was Donald Duck, out trick or treating in our neighborhood. Brady and Emily came over and brought JC and they went with us. We had a good time going to the houses in our neighborhood. We came back to the house and my parents came over and we all sat around and talked and had a good time. Brady was the door greeter and he made sure he asked every kid at the door what they were for halloween. He was giving us a great play by play of all the trick or treaters.

After all this we went over to Greg and Milea's house and hung out with our friends Taylor and Jana as well as Clint and Amy. We had a good time eating candy and shooting the bull. It was fun. Clint was keeping us entertained with his jokes. We spent some of the time watching GhostHunters on the SciFi Channel, but mostly we were just making fun of the people on the show.