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Thursday, August 27, 2009

this kid has the best memory

{just a cute picture of my little man}

Last week Crew was in my room watching a cartoon while I was getting ready for the day. When I was getting dressed He walked over to me and this is the conversation that took place.
Crew:"what's that for?" {pointing to my chest}
Me: {thinking} "okay do I tell him it's nothing or tell him the truth" (I decided to just tell him what they are and what they do.) I said,"well they are called Breast and only girls have them, and when they are mommies they have milk in them to feed the baby."
Crew: "can i try them?"
Me: "no you can't and shouldn't touch any until you are married."

That was the end of that conversation, but fast forward to yesterday, Crew and I are in Costco and trying out all of the samples. He calls it "Costco Day!" One of the samples was cereal, with out the milk. I handed it to crew and said...
Me: "try this Crew it is Cereal, but with no milk in it."
Crew: {pointing at my chest} "get some milk there?"
Me: {laughing} "no Crew there is not any milk in there, and it is only for babies."

He Cracks me up most of the day and amazes me with the things he remembers.